Tommys TS9's and his Arbiter FuzzFaces have been expertly tweaked by Keith (the tonemeister) at Aramat Effects. Nice, clear,  tight, Fat, TONE...  "I don't brag very much on stuff, but I'm glad I sent Keith two of each of these because I don't ever want to be without 'em. If you are a serious player, serious about tone and quality sound, try these folks . Your tone will thank you............"

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Tommy was lucky enough to find Rick Derringers 2000/2001 tour rig for sale on EBay (complete with signature and stenciled road cases!!!) and had to have it to complete his collection of Rick stuff..... (ha)  This is a great sounding amp always miked with an MXL.  Tommy always uses a two amp rig (one clean and one dirty) and he uses a white tolex Fender Twin Reverb along with Ricks amp....

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Tools of the Trade
T uses Diamond bottlenecks.
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After hearing Javier Vargas doing his thing on the new song that T wrote, he had to have one of Javier's pedals from Crazy Box Pedals.... Introducing the Vargas Blues Tone Box.... THIS baby has two channels of monster blues tone and T was  very excited when he found out that he got lucky number 003 from the initial production run.... Click on the pic to go to the website for reviews and videos of this 'majic box' of blues tone... You can listen to the new single, 'The Only One', here
T uses a two amp rig most of the time (sometimes he'll throw in a 3rd amp, a Vox AC15, just for fun).
This Fulltone Full-Drive 2 really helps shape Tommy's tone also... You can find them at this link. (click on the picture)....  ;)