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Welcome to Tommy's Triple Threat Blues Revue Home Page !!!!!!!!   West Virginia's Hardest Working,  All Out, Rock the House, Blues Band.

T has been called a True Bluesman, Inspirational, Legendary, Awesome, and a King of Tone. If all these things need some type of confirmation for you, the Truly legendary guitarist/producer and Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo Hero Rick Derringer GAVE Tommy his #1 strat as a gift. It doesn't get much better than that.

Truthfully..... He just loves to play. Thats all. All of us in the band feel better plugged in, Sounding great, (everybody knows that Steve is the most important member of the band......) and smiling...... Its a Zen thing I think........

This is the place to be..... We're glad that you stopped in......  After a very fun summer, T's now again in the studio recording a new CD tentativly titled "Amber Dreams of  A Bluesman" and has about 15 tracks down now for this effort. Mixing will start in August. T wrote a song titled The Only One (lyrics by Patsy Buvoltz) and played on the song for a  new CD by Steven and Patsy Buvoltz that Javier Vargas will also play on. "I haven't quit grinnin' since I heard the news" Tommy said... The single, 'The Only One", is out now, along with a video for 'Water Of Life'..... Check out the Music Page for a link..... T's new video for "Out On The Western Plain" can be found here... Over 7000 of Tommy's previous CDs have been distributed free of charge to fans to date. The new 'Veterans Benefit CD" is out also...!!!!!!!!


       "Nothing sounds better than a Tortured Stratocaster . "   
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