The Mobile Recording Unit
This is a portable, mobile recording unit, custom built inside a 22 foot air conditioned/heated trailer, utilizing a Behringer MX9000 24/48 channel, Dual input, 8-buss Mixing console with ultra low noise design, EURODESK as the primary mixing device utilizing two 100 foot 16 channel snakes (one with 4 returns and one with 8 returns) and one 24 channel/4 return snake which is 150 feet long.  In line as recording devices are a Tascam 388 Studio B 1/4 inch tape 8 channel reel to reel recorder; two black face 8 channel Alesis ADAT's (for 16 channel recording); a FOSTEX 1/2 inch tape 16 track reel to reel (for 16 track recording); and a Dual Core Computer Digital Workstation  (with dual ACER 19 inch flatscreen monitors, an Aardvark 8 in, 8 out midi/ multitrack,  a TERRATEC MD/88 (8 in, 8 out, midi), an EZ8 light pipe 8 in/ 8 out,  and a YAMAHA MW12 12-INPUT USB MIXING STUDIO. Most computer recording is performed with SONAR Producer 6. An Ensoniq ESQ1 midi keyboard controller is also available. All recording is performed using headphones but playback may be monitored thru a Crown XLS 402 stereo power amp into BOSE 401's or Logitech X-540 Surround Sound Speakers . All microphones and mike stands are provided by the mobile also and include MXL, Sure, etc.
This 22 foot trailer needs 220 hookup upon arrival within 50 feet of set up area. (regular dryer hookup type recepticle). Mobile unit needs to be set up within 80 feet of the stage/band being recorded (as close to the stage/back door as possible). If this is not available, T carries his own mobile  generator just for this.
1 (one) PowerBoss Briggs and Stratton 5600 watt Portable Generator, gasoline powered, 10 hp model 030230 SN#1013508574 

Tommy likes his air conditioner....... and so does his equipment.....
This trailer may also be used as a Main mix point for large outdoor shows using large rig PA's. Two Soundcraft boards (32 and 48 channel respectively)  are available if needed.
Equipment includes but is not limited to....
One Behringer EURODESK MX9000 with seperate
      rackmount power supply (400 watt)
       24/48 channel, 8 buss, Mixing console
Two pairs of studio quality KOSS and SONY
One TASCAM 388 Studio 8 1/4 inch reel to reel 8
      track recorder SN#620077
One Crown XLS 402 stereo power amp SN#A165316
One pair BOSE 401 stereoreference
      monitors/ speakers SN#99725
One  set Logitech X-540 Surround Sound Speakers
One BassTec 15 inch sub cabinet w/tweeter
One DOD 835 series II stereo crossover
One Gem Sound XP-350 stereo power amp
2 (two) ACER AL1916W Flat Screen Monitors    
One Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, 2GB DDR2, 320GB HDD, DVD±RW Dual-Layer,Flash Media Reader, Windows Vista Home Prem. w/ TV tuner & Remote
TERRATEC MD/88 8 in 8 out with MIDI 8 track recording deviceYAMAHA MW12 12-INPUT USB MIXING STUDIO running windows VISTA with 19 inch monitor, mouse, keyboard, and  web cam.
Two Dual Core Computers running MSI K8T Neo2-F v2.0 Motherboard - VIA K8T800 Pro, Socket 939, ATX, Audio, AGP 8x, Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, Serial ATA, RAID using AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Processor ADA3800BPBOX - 2.40GHz, 512KB Cache, 1000MHz (2000 MT/s) FSB running Windows XP
Two (2) Alesis ADAT blackface 8 track recorders
1 (one) FOSTEX B-16D 16 track reel 2 reel with
     remote control unit Model 8090 #8912270
1 (one) Yamaha USB Mixing Studio MW12
1 (one) Ensonic ESQ1 #ESQ-17243   
1 (one) TASCAM M216  #420153 16 channel mixer 
1 (one) Behringer EURORACK UB2222FX-Pro Mixing
1 (one) 8 space rack furry gray cover (short scale)    
1 (one) desktop model 1002 BBE Sonic Maximizer #FO2945 stereo/rca plug   
1 (one) Carvin Studio Mate SM162 16 channel mixer #171621 
1 (one) Marshall Valvestate Pro 120/120 power amp #M-1998-10-2120-B   
1 (one) Peavey M-3000 Power amp #2A-01302323     
2 (two) Peavey 112HS Monitors #3E-1404396 #AE-03887347 
1 (one) Bass rig with 1 (one) 2x10 w/tweeter cabinet 8 ohms, and 1 (one) 1x15 w/tweeter 8ohms cabinet                                     
1  (one) datasync 2 J L Cooper Electronics  #51304 
   One MD-1160 stereo midi keyboard
One 100 foot Whirlwind 16 channel snake
      w/6 send/returns
One Kustom Power Center Model KPC11C
      SN 12302
One BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer SN# 424135
Two (2) Alesis Midiverb III Stereo 16 bit
       Silmultaneous Multieffects Processors
One Yamaha Stereo Multi Effects Processor
              EMP700 SN#IM01193
One Behringer Ultra Patch Pro Multifunctional 48
             point patchbay Model PX2000  
One MXR Dual 10 band  equalizer
Two MXR 31 Band Equalizers
One Ibanez 31 band Equalizer SN# GE3100
Two Alesis 3630 dual gate/compressor limiters
     SN# CL2479430  CL4233700
One Roland SDE1000  SN#363713
One SHOWCO JT1000 Channel Selector
One DBX Project One 266 Stereo Compressor Gate
One Symtrix 544 Quad Expander/Gate  SN#26401
One Alesis D4 High Sample Rate 16 bit
      Stereo  Drum Module  SN#D42427025
One HOSA 1/4-1/4 10 foot snake
Two HOSA six foot TRS-1/4 inch 4 channel snakes
One 10 foot HOSA 1/4 in- RCA 8 channel snake
One 16 foot HOSA 1/4 in-RCA 8 channel snake
20 assorted microphone stands
Assorted MXL, Sure, etc. recording microphones
Two (2) double 18 bass bins
Two (2) 1x15x 2 tweeters top cabinets
1 (one) Fender Deluxe Reverb II #F205854  
1 (one) Peavey Classic 50 4x10, tweed, signed by Rick Derringer, in DERRINGER road case
1 (one) Peavey Classic tweed 1x15 extension cabinet, mate to amp, in DERRINGER road case
1 (one) Fender Bassman tweed 4x10 bass amplifier
1 (one) Marshall Mark II 100 watt guitar head 
1 (one) Traynor 300 watt bass head
1 (one) HiWatt 4x12 guitar cabinet w/Fane speakers 
1 (one) Marshall 4x10 cabinet  
1 (one) Rogue dobro NSN  
1 (one) Gibson Les Paul DC faded TV yellow #02683520 w/Seymore Duncan P-90 PU’s and a Lestrem
1 (one) Martin D-16RGT #1107618  
1 (one) Epiphone/Gibson Les Paul Standard w/TP6 Black w/crème trim #DW06022907
1 (one) Taylor 555 12 string made in original Lemon Grove CA factory Autographed “To Tom My Best Roy Clark” w/Taylor HS case #1360 
1 (one) Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster #N3102779 Crème see through paint w/Fender Floyd Rose locking tremolo.  Previously owned by Rick Derringer and is pictured on his “Jackhammer Blues” CD cover and embossed on the CD proper. In tweed hs case marked “Jack” Arguably Ricks most recorded instrument to date.  With the Peavey amp and Derringer Roadcases   
1 (one) Fender Stratocaster black w/lefty neck #MZ7014881  
1 (one) Kay  Model K570N, Indian motif 6 string acoustic  
1 (one) Fender Stratocaster light blue in color w blue trim (knobs, switch tip, scratch plate, back  cover plate), Spertzel locking tuners, Fender Custom Shop Fat 50’s pickups, engraved neck plate “Tommys Triple Threat Blues Revue” , sticker on back “Blue”, Old style large tremolo block, Graphtec nut and saddles, in HS tweed case marked “Blue” 
1 (One) Gator Custom two guitar case, black, containing two (2) Rick Derringer owned Mexican Stratocasters. One white and one black in color #               
1 (one) Tokai Explorer Original V headstock design, natural color, #J2902257 Made In Korea gold hardware w/Gibson TP-6 tailpiece In brown Gibson HS case Snakeskin strap  
1 (one) Tokai Les Paul Tobacco burst/flame top  #0401566  
1 (one) Kasino P bass copy, black in color w/Schecter  PU’s in black HS case   
2 (two) Ibanez Tube Screamer w/Aramat Super 808 mod #045334  
1 (one) Danelectro Fab Tone #2850365 
1 (one) Original Cry Baby Model GCB-95 #AA-22A700  
1 (one) Kustom KAB-200 combiner selector switch  
1 (one) Carl’s Guitars The Volume Box  
1 (one) NADY Wireless guitar system 101VHF #101169515 receiver  Transmitter #11264 
2 (two) Original Fuzzface w/Aramat Mod    
1 (one) Harmonizer   

One KINYO VHS tape rewinder
      Bunn coffe maker
      Small microwave
      One Dorm size cube type refridgerator
Reservations for this unit can be made by contacting Tommy at 304-965-7540 or
Initial cost is $800.00 per day ..........
All days must be secured in advance.
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