From the Blues triangle Update...... Thanks to CrawlingKingsnake....

Finally! Had been trying since mid-winter to get to The Station in
Bridgeport for THE DENNIS McCLUNG BLUES BAND. They got a regular gig there first Friday of the each month. Every time we had the car started,
something happened. Most often, the weather. Contacted Roy D earlier in the
day about trying again. His response, "I really wish you'd reconsider.
I don't want it to snow." But not this night. Nice 75 degree temps
w/sunshine. But figure this... last month with snow crotch deep to an NBA
power forward, they had a packed house! But this night, just a so-so
Now I'm sure many are gonna question why cks slid outa the final
performance of Blennerhassett Blues in the Schools. But hey, sometimes ya
just gotta make the tuff call and live with it. Let's see: (1) a nice
pleasant crowd in a nice pleasant air-cond auditorium and perfect acoustics
with nice junior high students performing for nice parents and nice
friends... or (2) a smoke filled tavern, drunks and terrible acoustics,
good friends, cold Miller Lites, hotwings & hot blues!
Hmmmmmmmmm....yeah tuff indeed.
We arrived in B-port in plenty of time to get in, get seats, get
food/brews and get ready. Meeting friends Roy and Sonia Dentler from Weston
but had a slight problem finding the place. Seems that MAIN Street
Station is NOT on Main Street. After cruising up and down US Rt 50 aka Main
St, 2 or 3 times we finally stopped for directions. Difficult to do
because all know real men don't ask directions. Mojo Mama got quite a
charge outa that fact as I dodged near bumper to bumper traffic trying to
cross the street. Should have known better however... the address is on
the bands website. Actually at 312 Railroad Street. When East bound on
Highway 50, come down Bridgeport Hill into the community of B-port,
pass Hardee's and turn left at the light. Cross the RR tracks and on your
immediate left you will see it. Nice little place and they are right
when they say they have the "best wings in town." These might be the best
anywhere in North Central WV. Went for the "Rajun Cajuns" which is 4
levels down from the hottest! That's below #3- Death W
ings, #2- Voodoo Wings and #1- 7th Level of Hell! (don't worry
Jackie... still love 'em at CSG) The venue could use a little work however when
it comes to crowd consideration. Needs room for dancing. Wouldn't take
much other then moving some tables around. This was done during the
2nd set.
Outstanding as always the DMBB( w/Dennis
on guitar & vocals, Randy- keyboards, Linny- drums and Jason- bass
were definatly "Out of The Ordinary" as they held all a "Prisoner of the
Blues!" Overheard them described this night as a "Unit." Real real
tight, these guys have now played togeather for quite some time and it
shows. Influenced by the classics, they do some excellent covers by Muddy,
SRV, Jr Wells, BB, as well as originals. In fact the passion Dennis puts
into "How Blue Can You Get" rivals Mr King himself. However I do miss
a harp player (guess that comes from that night in '93 seeing Carey
Bell) especially on tunes like "Messin' With The Kid" by Junior Wells. Was
a shame about the crowd. Not that it was small, just a little lame.
Not to much into it on this night. Settin' around chattin' however did
pick up some during the 2nd set. Thought I recognized another guitar
player lounging around the place when we came in. Turned out to be Tommy
Hamrick of TOMMY'S TRIPLE THREAT BLUES BAND from the Charleston area. Wow can this guy play! Start of 2nd set Tommy set in
along with another player I didn't recognize. With 3 guitars and Jason on
Bass they did an outstanding job on Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Little Wing"
Think Roy D's response was something like, "whoooooaaaa!"
Did ask Randy about the demise of The Ordinary Club in Clarksburg. This
is of course the site of their "live" CD recording from 2005. The
place has a new owner and it no longer is what it once was. I had seen DMBB
there a couple years ago and it was great. But not the case now.
Good times, good friends and good blues. We'll be thinking of ya next
week Sonia!