Taylor 555
   Taylor 555 12 string acoustic

          Tommy acquired this guitar in a trade after returning from 16 months in Kuwait after the 1st Gulf War. It is from the original Lemon Grove California Taylor factory and is used only in the studio. It fell off a stand and was damaged but was brought back to life by the Taylor support crew at the factory.  They completely went over the guitar, inside and out, and fixed ol' Tommy up with a new case. " I can't say enough to properly commend and compliment the Taylor support crew. Taylor guitars and the Taylor employees are the best. They make the best, most playable, monsterous tone guitars in the world."  It was signed "To Tom, My Best, Roy Clark". Roy said "You've got a Taylor huh?"

If you want the best.......... Ask for a Taylor.

You won't be disappointed............... Ever........

You can quote me.

If you would ever need proof  of the magnificance of Taylor Tone, check out these tunes that were recorded with it. Tommy has been quite busy lately.....

Out On The Western Plain

With Javier Vargas
Water Of Life

The Only One  w/Javier Vargas
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