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You know, I read the newspaper just about every day and it never ceases to amaze me what happens around here that is reported and displayed on the pages of these periodicals that is blatantly against the law or questionable at best. The comments here will be my opinions of articles found in the States newspapers Everybody has opinions and observations of everyday life. These are just a few of mine. If, for some reason, these opinions bother you.... Tuff shit. The 1st Amendment gives us the right of freedom of speach and I'm of the opinion that we should all start using it. There is a bronze statue of one of my ancestors standing on the Capitol grounds and 'ol Rimfire is recognized as one of the 1st settlers here. All of these comments will be submitted to the Charleston Gazette Readers voice. Lets see just how many make it into their daily publication. Eh?

Saturday May 7th, 2005    Well... I understand that Dave Tucker went to Iraq and found out quickly that he isn't a qualified bomb technician (by Corp of Engineer standards) and now his wife, who was fired from the West Virginia Supreme Court for political subversion (as reported by the Gazette),  is once again involved in a law suit against the State. When will these two quit embarassing this State and just shut up and go away? Fraud, negligence (it is fraudulent to claim on job applications that you are something that you are not and by making that claim one can negligently cause your co-workers demise in that line of work. If you can't swim, one shouldn't jump into the deep end of the pool), political subversion, and nepotism are all against the law in this State you know and in my humble opinion, no one fired, let go, or asked to leave for political subversion against this State should be allowed to collect a retirement check from this State. Political subversion by definition is quite a treasonist feat in the final analysis and I don't think that acts such as that should be in any way rewarded by the tax payers of this State



15 million set aside by Dupont instead of a 300 million fine and the issue will be in negitiation for awhile?
In that complaint, EPA alleged that DuPont had caused “widespread contamination” of drinking water supplies near its Parkersburg plant.

EPA also alleged that this pollution has created a “substantial risk of injury to the health or the environment.”

I've done some environmental cleanup operations in my time, and I can tell you that there is no way that even $300 million can clean up the damage that has been done to our States environment and I'm quite sure that there were all kinds of "incentives" given to this company by State legislators to do buisness in this State.. Why should we be forced to negotiate with people that should be in jail? Why should this company not have to pay the entire fine AND return the incentives extended to them by our legislators for trying to kill everyone here for a profit?



This observation wasn't in the newspaper but can anyone tell me why there is a 5 times bigger than life size painting of Arch Moore still hanging in the greeting room in the Capitol? This man is a convicted felon who obsconded with millions of dollars of West Virginia funds from kickbacks. Why should his painting be allowed to shame true West Virginians any further? Are the present day legislators inspired by sight of this convict?

Couple’s car rear-ended by garbage truck
"stopped at a light at the intersection of 50th Street and MacCorkle Avenue"
"Their car was thrown about 200 feet from the point of impact"

If there is anybody that needs to lose their job, this is the guy. Anybody that would operate a dump truck on a public hiway, with no brakes, fast enough to throw a vehicle 200 feet not only needs their head examined, but should have to look elsewhere for employment.


Toxic emissions up
11 percent in West Virginia
Top 10 pollutors in state
were coal-fired power plants

By The Associated Press
Thursday May 12, 2005

A federal study has found that toxic emissions into West Virginia's air and water rose by almost 11 percent in 2003.

More than 83 million pounds of toxic chemicals were released by state power plants, steel mills and chemical factories, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Toxics Release Inventory released Wednesday

"It is important to note that these chemical emissions ... generally do not reflect illegal discharges of pollutants to the environment,'' the EPA said in a release.

Nationwide releases of toxic chemicals fell 6 percent in 2003, although the level of mercury, PCBs and dioxin rose.

Mercury releases from coal-burning power plants and other industrial sources were 7.4 million pounds, 41 percent higher than in 2002. Most at risk of nerve damage from the toxic metal are pregnant women, women of childbearing ages and young children.

The Toxics Release Inventory began under a 1986 community right-to-know law. The biggest polluters in recent years have been hard-rock mining companies and electric utilities.

This kind of report is disgusting to me. These companies don't properly clean up these emmissions, don't pay the 'regular' taxes like everybody else, AND they're killing the population of the State..... Why do our legislators allow this to happen?

August 26, 2005 
Mothers of slain pair sue city, police, ex-chief

The mothers of a Charleston man and woman who were shot to death in 2003 have sued the city of Charleston, the Charleston Police Department, former Chief of Police Jerry Pauley and four unidentified people.

When Harris was shot, he was out on $150,000 bail after allegedly shooting two men outside the Good Tymes Bar in Shawnee Park in 2002. Harris had a long history with the law including drug violations, malicious wounding, gun violations, battery and assault.

These kinds of lawsuits are frivolous and stupid.. This kid was a known criminal that was out on bail, who went right back to the criminal hot spot of Charleston (which is against the terms of his bail release) and now his mother wants to try to collect money from the State as if they had anything to do with his death.  Sounds to me like someone has more money than sense in this matter. What amazes me the most is that there is a lawyer here in town that would even file this suit.


August 28, 2005 
DEP has no plans to revisit C8 water limit

West Virginia regulators do not plan to re-examine their water pollution “screening level” for the toxic chemical C8, despite an independent scientists’ conclusion that the number is flawed.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has no plans to reconsider its limit for C8 in drinking water of 150 parts per billion, said agency spokeswoman Jessica Greathouse.

Greathouse said that the DEP would wait and see what — if any — recommendations for C8 regulations come out of a federal review of the chemical.

Am I the onlt one that is absolutely amazed at this? The State of West Virginias' own DEP refuses to investigate the intentional poisoning of its citizens......... Absolutely amazing. Isn't that their job?

September 03, 2005 
‘Mad deer disease’ hits W.Va.

Buck in Hampshire infected; DNR to kill dozens in search for more

By John McCoy
Staff writer 

Chronic wasting disease has found its way to West Virginia.

A road-killed Hampshire County buck, found last October near Slanesville, has tested positive for the “mad deer disease,” Division of Natural Resources officials revealed Friday.

“We got the test results confirmed less than an hour ago,” said a shaken Paul Johansen, the DNR’s assistant wildlife chief. “The Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study discovered the presence of the disease in the tissue samples we sent them, and those findings were confirmed this afternoon by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.”

When it comes to something like this, waiting almost a year to find out that an infection is present and may be epidemic, is unacceptable.

January 16th, 2006


Well..... Hmmmmm.... We all start somewhere. Most people start out listening to whatever their parents listen to (for me, my Dad listened to The Dave Brubeck Quartet, ALOT), then what their friends listen to (Beatles, Stones, ? and the Mysterians, whatever,  etc.). Then some of us listeners acquire instruments and try to emulate these sounds. And all of us have to walk before we can run. Musical tastes change as a person ages. This occurrence seems lost on young minds that don't fathom ever growing old, but it does happen. (not a criticism, just and observation that at 47 I can confirm). I played in rock bands because I hated country music. Never tried to be the fastest pick slinger around but definately giged steady doing covers for years. Had to quit the band because I was recalled into the Army for the 1st Gulf War. I had always liked the blues (wore out ZZ Tops 1st album and Rio Grande Mud) but never tried to start a "Blues" band until some friends of mine called me wanting to start one.

What I'm trying to say I guess is that there are all manner of genre of music to chose from (metal, country, rock, blues, ska, jazz, bluegrass, etc). Pick one and run with it if you can. If your tastes change over the years, move on to another and experiment with it for a while. Music never gets old thats for sure. You can write a new song everyday and never have too many.

But don't lose track of you friends...... 

I'm still upset with Mountain Stage...... Want to help musicians in this State? Start EMing and calling and asking why no in State acts are featured on this PBS program.....

There's an amazing amount of talent here in the Mountain State..... Wonder why that talent never gets noticed by Mountain Stage? I always wondered why at least one native artist wasn't included in each show they do.... Seems elitist and exclusionary to me..... I mean the name is 'Mountain Stage"....... seems like there are alot of tourism dollars being missed out on by leaving local talent out of that PBS resource. Those funds are supposed to be being used to promote talent FROM here you know. Seems to have opened up corporate and stayed that way when its supposed to be Public........ How many acts that have played there only had one CD out or were from here. Every one I've ever seen have always been pretty well known corporate artists. And what gets me too is that they kind of model it after Austin City Limits. Well, that show started out on PBS and got its name for featuring local talent that nobody had really heard of, to draw tourism dollars to Texas.... Another example of corporate influence and tunnel vision of management to me anyway....

February 15th, 2007

                   This is my 1st blog of the year and this issue has become somewhat of a pet peeve to me. What is it with all these people now running around with their fog lights on all the time in traffic. If no one has ever pointed it out let me be the first. Fog lights are considered emergency equipment and are installed for use IN FOG. If you have them on in traffic, you are SUPPOSED to turn them off, just like bright lights or high beams, if someone is in front of you or if someone is coming towards you. They are not for use in clear weather...... They are not to be used by themselves (without your low beam lights on) for just cruising around town and you should NOT be in traffic, directly behind someone, with these items of equipment on, blinding them from seeing what is in front of them. HOW MUCH LIGHT DO YOU NEED TO SEE TO SOMEONES BUMPER IN TRAFFIC?  A few people have witnessed and experienced my disdane for this conduct as I have now become prone to stopping in the middle of the road, exiting my vehicle, and asking the apparently optically impaired offender behind me if I can help them and what is their emergency (as they are displaying their 'emergengy equipment"). Then I ask them to please turn off the offending lights while in traffic. This seems to work pretty well. For the smart ass wise guys, I simply ask "Exactly how much light do you need to see to my bumper there smart guy? One guys wife laughed so hard she almost fell out of the car stating "I've been telling him that since we bought this vehicle but he doesn't listen to me....!!!!! I'm really glad you stopped him and told him. Now he has heard it from somebody else and KNOWS its wrong."        NUFF SAID
Friday August 3rd, 2008

Here's a good one for ya. In 2007, I was minding my own buisness, on my own property here in Pinch (30 acres) when I heard several gunshots from the top of my hill. I went up to investigate and found that two guys had cut a hole in my fence and drove onto my property and set up a shooting range at the top of the hill on my property. In accordance with WV law, I disarmed these men and promptly called the police. The Kanawha County Sheriff responded, took possession of the weapon and then exited the property with the offenders in the back of their vehicle. Months later, my brothers vehicle had broken down and I had been called by him requesting that I come and pick him up. While driving thru Beckley I was pulled over by a West Virginia State Trooper who quickly advised me that I was being taken to jail for an outstanding warrant for "Brandishing a Firearm". During booking, all of my money was taken from me. When I was released, no one returned this money to me. When I checked my mail yesterday, inside my mailbox was the West Virginia Treasurer's Office Unclaimed Property Bulletin. On page 19 my name is listed. I called the WV State Treasurers Office to inquire about this and was told that IF I wanted this money I needed to fill out the form in the bulletin, have it notarized, and send it in and the money would be returned to me. My question is.... Why didn't the jail send the money back to me in the first place? And why was I arrested for taking a gun away from somebody that destroyed my fence, traspassed on my property, and shot holes in my cherry trees?
Saturday May 10th, 2008

This doesn't have very much to do with West Virginia but needs to be addressed. There is a guy from California that is a Super Delegate that announced that he will 'sell' his vote for 20 million dollars supposedly to help register latino voters...... If that was you or me stating something like that we'd already be IN JAIL. If this guy hasn't been arrested yet..............
he should be.